Bringing secure, self-governed, corporate digital identity to life.
Plato is a regulatory technology and corporate data management platform that helps companies establish trust with partners, clients, regulators, and banks.
We help businesses manage and control their corporate profile, onboard new clients, and comply with regulations.
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What stops your business from growing to its full potential?
Advanced solution
To bring simplicity to your business's daily operations
Corporate profile management
Regulatory technology
Corporate governance solution
Onboard clients, launch new business relationships, manage workflows, and visualise corporate structures of any complexity.

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We empower your business

Plato helps companies increase efficiency, manage workflows, and improve corporate governance, so to:
- Establish trust with all partners
- Comply with local and international regulations
- Enter new markets
- Stay ahead of risk and regulatory changes
- Align compliance with business strategy and goals
Key features
Plato solution enables your business to

Flexible customisation of workflows and processes for any business.

Only you have access to your data, and choose who to share it with.
Fill out once, use forever

All information can be exported, re-used, and shared with partners or regulators.
Know Your Client

Automated KYC checks across watchlists, PEP and sanctions lists, and adverse media.

Get notified on any important changes on your partners' and clients' profile.
Track history

All changes to your profile are stored securely and available with a complete audit log.
Case studies, latest updates, and webinars.
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